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“Life is suffering”, this is the First Noble Truth according to Buddhist tradition.

Most of us, at some point in our journeys through life, encounter periods of great unhappiness, deep loss or intense challenges. Faced with the difficulties of life, we might experience a lack of purpose and feel stuck and alone, without direction or guidance. We might feel overwhelmed with anxiety, anger, depression, worries linked to work or relationship issues and be at a loss of how to cope and what to do. Even if we decide that soldiering on is the answer, and try to pretend that everything is fine; this coping system will ultimately fail to provide a solution as long as the root of the problem remains unaddressed.

I am a BACP Senior Accredited and Registered online Counsellor and Psychotherapist. I hold an MA in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, and I am certified in couples counselling and life coaching.

Evelyne Riddle

MA in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy (Roehampton University, London, UK)

Post graduate certificate in Couple Counselling (Centre for Integrative Psychosynthesis Counselling and Psychotherapy, London, UK)

Post graduate certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT (The Grove, London, UK)

Post graduate certificate in Online Counselling (Online Counselling Services Training – OCST, UK)

Diploma in Life Coaching (Centre of Excellence, UK)

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Specialist Training


Psychosexual Psychotherapy

Bereavement and Trauma

Internal Family System (IFS) informed

I am experienced in the following therapeutic models:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)






Crossbridge Psychotherapy Online

I speak English and French and have been in counselling practice since 2010 first engaging in face-to-face meetings with clients and more recently specialising in online counselling. My previous work experience in the field of education in Egypt, the United States and Italy gave me exposure to a wide range of cultures and beliefs. Those opportunities have enhanced my awareness of human diversity and have enabled me to be open to, value and respect traditions other than my own.

Online psychotherapy can help with a wide range of issues such as anxiety, anger, depression, stress, loneliness, relationship problems, abuse, trauma, low self-esteem, bereavement and loss, or lack of direction. In addition, online counselling offers client and therapist flexibility both time-wise and distance-wise. It is essential to have access to a safe and confidential space free of interruptions to benefit from online counselling and, once such a safe place has been created, a relationship of trust between you and your online counsellor can start developing.

Please note that an online counsellor cannot provide an emergency service. If you are in crisis, it is vital to get immediate help. You can contact your GP or your nearest accident and emergency service (A&E), or you can call the Samaritans at 116123.

My Approach to Counselling and Psychotherapy

My core beliefs are grounded in humanistic therapy although my overall approach is integrative which means that I recognise that each of us is unique and so I try to adapt to what works best for you. I specialise in depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, trauma, bereavement and loss and I incorporate thought and principles of Buddhist philosophy into my practice. In all my years of practice I found that, by giving me the privilege of sharing their life experiences with me, my clients not only continue to be my best teachers, but are also an ongoing source of inspiration to me. I offer both short-term and long-term online counselling and therapy and, because I realise that you might not be able to commit to a rigid weekly session contract due to work or other obligations, I am flexible with my time and do my best to accommodate your schedule.

Complimentary Introduction Meeting

Should you be interested in knowing more about me and my therapeutic style, I would be happy to arrange a 15 to 20 minute video meeting at no cost to give you the opportunity to meet me and to help you decide whether I am the right therapist for you. In this meeting you will have a chance to ask me about my experience and views about different approaches such as CBT or relationship counselling. Also understanding your reason for seeking counselling will help me guide you through the process of therapy. This meeting will be rather informal compared to a therapy session, and no immediate decision from your part will be expected.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, sometimes called talking therapy, is a process designed to help you understand your feelings and explore the reasons behind the negative emotions you might be experiencing. This often involves challenging your existing set of beliefs and even your very own self. For this reason, talking therapy is most likely to succeed if you are able and willing to take this risk in a safe environment. In addition to focusing on healing, psychotherapy provides you with support when going through a difficult or stressful phase of your life. An increased awareness of the ways you think, feel, act and react can help you develop adaptive and healthy ways of coping when facing difficult and challenging situations.

Depending of your reasons for seeking therapeutic help, treatment plans can be short term and last only a few sessions, while others are long-term, and can carry on for months or years. Sessions typically last 50 minutes, take place on a weekly or fortnightly basis and normally follow a carefully structured process. Online therapy, however, offers greater flexibility in terms of time and frequency of meetings.

Crossbridge Psychotherapy Online

Counselling vs Psychotherapy

Counselling is often short term and focus orientated. It entails working on a specific issue that causes internal conflict while psychotherapy is generally long term, usually involves formative years and affords the opportunity to work at a deeper level.


Everything that is discussed within our session remains confidential and is reinforced through the ethics of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) to which I belong. In exceptional circumstances, confidentiality can be broken when your safety or the safety of others is judged to be at risk or when ordered by a court of law.

A Sample of Talking Therapies

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

CBT is based on the belief that events do not cause us to feel anxious or depressed, rather it is our interpretation about those events that determine our emotional reaction. Exploring our core beliefs and the rules for living we abide by can help us clarify the unhelpful thinking patterns we have developed, reframe the situation, and adopt healthier ways of thinking and behaving.

Person-Centred Therapy (PCT)

PCT is a humanistic approach based on the premise that each one of us has the internal resources to fulfill our potential for growth as long as the right conditions are in place. The aim of PCT is to provide three core conditions – empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence – to help you develop a stronger and healthier sense of self and move towards self-actualisation.

Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytical Therapies

These insight-oriented therapies concentrate on the unconscious and its manifestation on current behaviours and thoughts. The focus is on understanding the influence of the past on the present, and on developing self-awareness.

Integrative Therapy

The integrative approach takes into account many views of human functioning and incorporates different elements of specific therapies to suit your style and the difficulties you experience. The aim is to facilitate self-understanding and wholeness.

Crossbridge Psychotherapy Online

Pricing & Session Length

I am available for video sessions weekdays until 7pm and Saturdays between 9am and 12pm.

Sessions typically last 50 minutes and are normally held once a week on the same day and at the same time; however, I can be flexible with my time and it is not a problem to arrange ad hoc sessions if you are unable to commit to a strict schedule.


My standard fees are £60 per 50 minute session, and 35£ per 30 minute session.


My standard fees are £80 per session.

Concessions are available. Please contact me for more information.

Get in Touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how therapy works, or to arrange an initial assessment appointment. This enables us to discuss the reasons you are thinking of coming to therapy, whether it could be helpful for you and whether I am the right therapist to help.

You can also call me if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first. I am happy to discuss any queries or questions you may have prior to arranging an initial appointment.

All enquires are usually answered within 24 hours, and all contact is strictly confidential and uses secure phone and email services.

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